Competition Details

The 2nd Globe International Piano Competition will be held in presence in Hilversum, The Netherlands from 22 - 24 March 2024. It will consist of 3 rounds. First round will be by video selection. Best 70 contestants will be invited to come to play live the semi finals on Friday and Saturday 22 and 23 March 2024. Best 3 pianists from each age category will proceed to the final round on Sunday, 24th of March 2024. All live rounds will be held at MCO, Hilversum, The Netherlands, Heuvellaan 33. It will be open to pianists of any nationality according to the age categories below.

All is free repertoire and repertoire may be repeated in several rounds.

Limited host families will be available for people who will need financial support to afford to attend this competition.

There will be 15 pianos available for practise during the competition, 1 piano is shared by 4 competitors. A practice schedule will be given to you. Practice piano's are in the same venue as the competition hall.

Application deadline: December 30, 2023

Semi-finalists will be announced by January 15, 2024

Video preselection

  • Category A max 6 min (9 years old and under)
  • Category B max 9 min (10 - 13)
  • Category C max 15 min (14 - 17)
  • Caregory D max 20 min (18 - 21)

Semi Final

  • Category A max 6 min (9 years old and under)
  • Category B max 8 min (10 - 13)
  • Category C max 10 min (14 - 17)
  • Category D max 25 min (18 - 21)

Saturday final round - Category D only

  • Category D max 30min

Sunday final round - Categories A, B, C

Maximum 3 contestants of each age group
  • Category A max 8min
  • Category B max 10min
  • Category C max 12min
Award Ceremony for all categories (A, B, C, D)

Application fees

  • Category A €50
  • Category B €60
  • Category C €70
  • Category D €80


Diplomas will be available for every participant, including those who don't pass to the semi finals or finals. Jury comments will be available on request.

  • Category A: First absolute prize (required 98/100 points) with HIGHEST POINTS €250
  • Category B: First absolute prize with HIGHEST POINTS €450
  • Category C.: First absolute prize with HIGHEST POINTS €600
  • Category D: First absolute prize with HIGHEST POINTS €850
It will be possible to divide the echonomic prize in the case of ex-aequo (exactly equal score)

Special Prizes

  • 2 free applications to Orbetello Piano Competition to be chosen from the semifinalists
  • 1 free application to Alicante International Piano Competition
  • 1 free application to Franz Liszt Center (online)
  • 1 free application to Great Piano Masters (online)
  • Public prize, chosen from the finalists by the audience - 1 free non intensivo participation in the Globe International Summer School in August 2024 in Hilversum to the value of 375 euro.
  • 20 online masterclasses of 45 minutes each with different piano teachers, 12 of which to be given to semi-finalists.
  • Concert invitations
Additional special prizes to follow
All videos and pictures made during the competition are owned by GIPC and may be used for promotion on social media and website. If a competitor wishes to not be included in above-mentioned media, they should contact GIPC before the competition starts. However, this rule must apply to all finalists.

By signing up for this competition, you accept all terms and conditions of the competition.