About Us

Globe International Piano Competition was the idea of it's founder and artistic director, Denise Lutgens. A lot of hard work together with Kees van Oorschot, director of Globe CKC was put in to make GIPC a reality.

Denise's passion and ambition is to develop young talent. She believes in the correct start of learning music at a very young age and building the fundaments in a solid and correct way.

'With GIPC we are able to find extrodinary young talents that may turn out to be the pianists of the future. To be able, as an organisation, to contribute to their development, is a true gift.'
- Denise Lutgens

Apart from our yearly competition we provide a Summer School, Winter School and masterclasses live and online througout the year to support young talents. We also organise concerts and make connections with concert organisers to have stage opportunities for these youngsters to develop as artists.

We also aim to involve as many kids as possible from Globe CKC, Hilversum, and the Netherlands to inspire them at a young age and show them the beauty of classical music.

'There is something extrodinary about music made by children for children'
- Denise Lutgens